Who is Willow?

Willow was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  We got her in 2010 as a companion for our older Staffie, Megan and in all honesty, Meg chose Willow.  We’d taken her with us to see the pups and she showed a clear preference for Willow so that was it.  Decision made.

Over time, her owner noticed that while out walking, Willow’s gait would change, her back legs seemed to become stiff and she seemed uneasy.  A trip to the vet later and a diagnosis of a pulled muscle put her owner’s mind at rest for a while but then it happened again but this time was captured on video (below)

Once again the vet said it was a pulled muscle but Willow’s owner wasn’t happy with this explanation and sought advice from another vet, (Rowan’s, near Preston – thank you!)  The vet there (Drew) suggested it may be L-2-HGA and organised tests.  Sadly, they confirmed that Willow was suffering from this debilitating disease.  Although only showing mild symptoms, it was distressing to watch but now there was a reason for it.

Willow was a happy loving soul for the most part but as time went on, she would withdraw and take herself off to a quiet room to be on her own.

Sadly, Willow took a turn for the worst one day and showed major aggression towards her sister. Her family had always said that once Willow’s quality of life was threatened, they would do the hardest but kindest thing for her and on the vet’s advice, took the decision.  Willow was only 3 years old.  Needless to say, everyone who knew Willow was devastated.  It was hard to face up to the fact that we wouldn’t see that cheeky little face any more or get the cuddles she loved so much.

Her family decided to turn their experience into something positive and set up this blog for other L2 owners.  They have also worked on L2 pages and groups on Facebook with vet, Harvey Carruthers, and set up Willow’s own Facebook page and now a fund in her name to pay for L2 tests for dogs in rescue.


Please feel free to contact us

6 Responses to Who is Willow?

  1. Emma Chadwick says:

    Hi, my dog is being tested for L2 as he has been showing the signs.

    Im hoping we can give him good healthy long life. As you know they arn’t a dog they are our children and part of our family


    • woochiemama says:

      Hi Em

      Thank you for your post. Bless him, he’s a sweetheart. He does seem to be showing the signs but we do know of some dogs that have gone on to live long, relatively normal lives despite their L2.

      Not sure if you know but we have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/willowstaffie and we run the L2HGA Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/L2HGACanine

      Lots of people have been sharing their experiences on there and it’s useful and reassuring to have people to talk to who have gone through it all.

      Please let us know how he gets on with his tests etc.


      • Emma Chadwick says:

        Hi Andrea

        Thank you for your response, we have sent his bloods of to a specialist. Hopefully hear back in 1-2 weeks. I will let you know when we get the results.


      • Emma Chadwick says:

        Its been confirmed my beautiful boy has L2 HGA.

  2. woochiemama says:

    Bless his heart. So sorry to hear this Emma. Has your vet prescribed anything for him?


    • Emma Chadwick says:

      Nope, they have said because he is generally ok at the moment they are going to leave it. We are going to play it by hear and see how he goes.

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