Our new ambassador


Logan (centre with his brother William and his sister, Millie)

We are delighted to announce we have a new ambassador for Willow.  His name’s Logan and he and his Mum have agreed to help us spread the word.

Here’s what his Mum, Dee told us about Logan.

“ I first met him at Battersea Old Windsor fun day and was told he needed a special home. I fell in love  but already having 2 rescue dogs in the house, 1 of which can be reactive, it was something that had to be thought about, so off I went with my current dogs to meet ‘Jesse’ (now Logan) and they got on instantly! So just to be on the safe side I agreed to foster Jesse first in case things didn’t work out. After a few weeks we knew that all would be well and he was most definitely going to stay!

Unfortunately I was unaware of L2 and we always put this down his poor start in life. Then in April this year, Logan was out for a walk with his friends as usual and his legs began to shake, I thought he had been running about too much and took him home, I then popped out and returned 20 mins later to find him having a full seizure . Lucky for us I have a very good vet and after some assessment he came to the conclusion that this was L2, so I sent off the DNA and it came back positive. Since then Logan has had a couple of tremors but not any full seizures. We now know that this is a progressive disorder so we are enjoying life with him as normal but keeping a very close eye out.

So he lives with our dogs Millie and William and 5 rescue Guinea pigs who he loves! 
Hiss humans are myself (Dee), his dad Nigel and his human brother and sister Jess and Harry

I’m currently teaching him simple tricks and we really hope to promote L2-HGA

He is a very happy chap who just loves life 🙂

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